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"European and national identity" conference program

Program of the international conference “European and national identity”
15 - 17th of May, 2017
Ķekava, Latvija

15th of May, 2017
Arrivals day

16th of May, 2017
9.30 Registration, coffee
10.00 Opening. 
Ansis Bogustovs. “Family? Friends? Facebook or Politics? What defines your national European identity?”
10.30 Sanda Brūna. Ghetto Games Latvia. “Medicines for World’s Ghettos”
11.05 Agnese Logina. Curator of Riga Film Museum. “Experimental cinema and the art of moving image - platform for the search of the national identity in 20th and 21st century”
11.40 Coffee break
12.00 Juris Cibuļs. Linguist, ABC-book collector. “People of the world, their languages and ABC-books”
12.35 Arstarulsmirus Arsujumfus – Tarus. Music producer, trainer of personal growth. “Long term influence of music and lyrical content on society”
13.25 Madara Ūlande. Director at Social Enterpreneurship Association of Latvia. 
“Social + Business: The Unusual 21st century European Love Story”
14.00 Lunch break
15.00 Workshops
16.00 Coffee break
16.20 Workshops
17.30 Closing

Workshops’ themes:
1. Garjānis (photographer, traveller, bow-tie maker, event host). “Finding my place under the Sun”.
2. Sveču darbnīca. “History of candles in world and in Europe - candles as a part of our creative thinking”
3. Inese Šubēvica (Youth policy expert, practitioner of non-formal education). “My European identity – what is it?” Interactive space for personal development, discussion.
4. Madara Ūlande (Executive director at Social Enterpreneurship Association of Latvia). 
“Social + Business: All Hands on Deck”. Discussion space as a follow-up for Madara Ūlande’s presentation.
5. Brigita Stroda (Arts manager, crown maker, communicator through stories). “Who do you think you are and what kind of tools to use in answering the question?”

17th of May, 2017
Departures day